Wake County Speeding Tickets and Wake County Improper Equipment

Getting pulled over in Wake County for a traffic ticket can be stressful and scary, as well as confusing.  You may be asking yourself what you should do next or what your options are for your speeding ticket.  You may even be tempted to just go online and pay the ticket off to just be done with it.  Instead of trying to figure out what you should do on your own, consult with the experienced attorneys of the Criminal Defense Team at Hatch, Little & Bunn.  To give you an idea of your options, here are a few pointers to keep in mind:

Improper Equipment

If you don’t have too many tickets already under your belt, you may be eligible for a reduction to an Improper Equipment charge.  An Improper Equipment charge is a nonmoving violation, meaning that it does not incur insurance points and license points.  Pleading responsible to a charge of Improper Equipment is the same as if you were driving with a speedometer that was not functioning properly and caused you to be speeding faster than you realized.  An example of this would be if your speedometer was showing that you were driving the speed limit of 45 miles per hour, but your vehicle was actually traveling 60 miles per hour, resulting in a law enforcement officer pulling you over for a speeding offense.

Due to the fact that an Improper Equipment charge is a nonmoving violation, you could walk away from your ticket without even incurring an increase in your insurance or putting any points on your driver’s license.  Therefore, you would simply pay the costs of court, a small fine, and be done with it, saving you hundreds of dollars in insurance premiums over the next three years.  However, many times an Improper Equipment negotiation requires several factors and time is of the essence.  Because of this, if you are interested in an Improper Equipment for your speeding ticket, it is in your best interest to contact the Criminal Defense Team of Hatch, Little & Bunn today!  Your window to get an Improper Equipment may be closing fast and we can help make sure you take full advantage of every option that is available to you.

Reduced Speeding Tickets

If you are not eligible for a nonmoving violation like an Improper Equipment, you may be eligible for a reduction of your charged speed.  For example, if you are charged with speeding 75 miles per hour in a 55 mile per hour zone, an experienced attorney with the Hatch, Little & Bunn Criminal Defense Team may be able to negotiate a reduction of your speed down to a much more manageable speed.  Such a reduction in the charged speed may help you avoid a costly insurance increase or a potential revocation of your license.

Make no mistake, you should always consult an attorney when dealing with even what seems to be a simple speeding ticket like the one above.  If you don’t and you simply “pay off” your ticket, you may be pleading to a charge which carries unforeseen consequences, such as the revocation of your license.  For example, in some cases, if you plead responsible to two tickets that are both over 55 miles per hour within a 12-month period, the DMV will be able to suspend your license!  You may find yourself stranded with no way to get back and forth to work.  Instead, contact the experienced attorneys of the Criminal Defense Team at Hatch, Little & Bunn today and let us walk you through each of your options to make sure you get the best possible outcome!


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