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Check Your Court Date

You may be able to determine your next court date by checking this AOC web-site.

Not all court dates appear on the AOC web-site:

  • Superior Court – if your case is currently in Superior Court, your case may not appear on the AOC web-site. Call our office to confirm your next court date.
  • DWI Special Setting – if your case is currently awaiting a special setting in DWI court, the AOC web-site may reflect a court date of February 22, 2022 (2/22/22). This is a ‘holder date’ used by the clerk’s office. This date is subject to change.
  • Missed Court Date – if your case is not awaiting a date in Superior Court or a special setting in DWI Court, you may have missed your court date. Do not panic. Do not worry. We can help. Give us a call now and let us walk you through the next best steps.

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