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Domestic Violence Protective Orders in Wake County

Often referred to as a restraining order or a “50B”, motions for these orders are filed in civil court. They have long lasting impact and criminal implications. They can help protect one party while severely limiting the liberty of another. Obtaining a restraining order requires knowledge of Chapter 50B of the North Carolina General Statutes. An attorney can help either secure an order or prevent an order from being imposed. Violation of a Domestic Violence Protection Order is an aggravated class 1 misdemeanor punishable by up to 150 days in jail. A domestic violence protection order can also have felony implications.

Securing or defending against a restraining order

Hatch, Little & Bunn’s Criminal Defense Team is adept at both securing and defending against restraining orders in Wake County. There are a number of other tactics that can be employed to ensure your objectives are accomplished by either obtaining or defeating a domestic violence protection order. While it is best to have the assistance of an attorney, the Wake County Sheriff’s Office provides the following guidelines for obtaining a restraining order.

Domestic Violence Protective Order Violation (DVPO)

Violation of a domestic violence protective order (DVPO) is an aggravated class 1 misdemeanor punishable by up to 150 days in jail. If an individual has prior convictions for violating a DVPO, the offense can be charged as a felony. An individual can also be charged with felony stalking in the event a domestic violence protective order is in place at the time of the alleged offense.

There are many considerations that must be made in defense of an alleged violation of a domestic violence protective order. Hatch, Little & Bunn’s Criminal Defense Team has over 35 years of criminal defense experience ready to assist you.

Civil No-Contact orders in Wake County NC

A no-contact order, or restraining order, is very similar to a domestic violence protective order. However, it applies to individuals who have not be in a domestic relationship. These orders are most common between neighbors in the Apex, Cary, Fuquay-Varina, Garner, Holly Springs, Raleigh, Wake Forest, or Wake County neighborhoods. These orders typically do not carry the same assurances or repercussions as a 50B.

Like domestic violence protective orders, you need a strong attorney to ensure that a civil no-contact order is properly handled. These matters can be extremely time consuming and even more challenging to manage without counsel.

Domestic Assaults

Domestic assaults carry greater repercussions than traditional assaults. Domestic simple assault, domestic assault on a female, assault on an unborn child: these charges are prosecuted with specific attention to the domestic component.

Likewise, you need a defense team that can provide you and your case with specific attention to ensure you are aware of the strengths of your case, the options you have, and the means to execute those options.

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