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Skilled Attorneys Defend North Carolina Clients Against Drug Charges

Raleigh advocates handle possession, sale and trafficking cases

Criminal statutes governing controlled substances vary widely depending on the substance, amount and activity involved. No matter what specific count you have been charged with, The Criminal Defense Team of Hatch, Little & Bunn, LLP in Raleigh provides strong, results-oriented representation. Our lawyers have more than 40 years of combined experience assisting North Carolina residents arrested on drug-related charges. That experience enables us to identify injustices that occurred in the law enforcement process and challenge questionable evidence brought against you. Whether you are accused of drug possession, sales, trafficking or manufacture, we will take every legal step necessary to obtain a positive resolution that protects your rights.

Knowledgeable law firm assists defendants accused of drug possession

If you are accused of unlawful drug possession, you could face a long period of incarceration or alternative punishments such as probation or substance abuse treatment. Our tenacious attorneys know that drug cases often turn on slight distinctions and small details, so we challenge any and all evidence and argue effectively on your behalf in cases involving drugs such as:

  • Marijuana — Unlike some other states, North Carolina still considers the personal use of marijuana to be a crime. Because marijuana is a Schedule I drug, possession of more than half an ounce of pot can lead to jail time.
  • Heroin — Even possession of a trace amount of heroin or other Schedule I drugs like LSD or ecstasy is a Class I felony, with a potential penalty of six to 12 months in prison. A slightly higher amount can trigger a much more serious sentence.
  • Methamphetamine — This is a Schedule II substance, along with cocaine and some opiates. Possession is a misdemeanor that could lead to jail time.

Our firm offers a free initial consultation so that you can develop a full understanding of your matter and make informed choices.

Effective lawyers handle litigation arising from alleged drug sales

Selling drugs illegally is prohibited under Chapter 90 of the North Carolina General Statutes. These laws cover substances that are not permitted for any use as well as prescription pharmaceuticals that are dispensed without the proper legal authority. In every case, the unlawful sale of a controlled substance is classified as a felony. Federal and state authorities often take extreme steps in an attempt to halt drug sales. If you’ve been arrested based on information acquired through a wiretap, confidential informant or some other questionable tactic, our attorneys conduct a vigorous review to determine if the evidence should be excluded. Likewise, we aggressively oppose efforts by prosecutors to mischaracterize possession of a small amount of drugs for personal use as evidence of intent to sell.

Assertive attorneys challenge allegations of drug trafficking

People sometimes wrongly associate the phrase “drug trafficking” with kingpins who distribute controlled substances by the pound. This is not the case. Even a handful of pills can lead to a trafficking conviction with a sentence that runs for more than a decade. Quick assistance from a qualified attorney is necessary to protect you against these serious allegations. Our lawyers know how to confront trumped-up charges and cases that rely on specious evidence, such as the presence of common household items like kitchen scales in your home. We provide strong defense, no matter how serious the charge.

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The Criminal Defense Team of Hatch, Little & Bunn, LLP represents defendants throughout North Carolina in prosecutions arising from alleged drug possession, sale or manufacture. Please call 919-714-4306 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation at our Raleigh office.


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