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Attending Court in Wake County NC

What to wear?

Dress respectfully as if you are going on an interview. Long pants or dress, as well as dress shirt/blouse, are recommended. Sometimes the courtrooms may be cold. You may want to bring a light jacket or sweater.

What to bring?

Bring something with you to read such as a magazine or book. It is our objective to get you out of court as quickly as possible. However, depending on the court docket, as quickly as possible may require a wait of several hours, depending on the circumstances of your case. A book or magazine will help pass the time.

Bring any documents that we may have advised you to bring. If we have not mentioned anything to you regarding documents, you need not worry. We will have what we need for that court appearance.

Cell phones are currently permitted in Wake County court rooms. Judges may change this allowance at any time for any reason. Ensure that all ringers, vibrations, buzzers and alarms are turned off before going into the courtroom. Any disturbance created by your phone can expose you to possible contempt of court. Do not hold your phone in an elevated position. Unauthorized recording or photography in the courtrooms is not permitted and may expose you to contempt charges.

What not to bring?

Do not bring food or drink into the courtrooms. The following items are also not allowed in the Wake County Justice Center: aerosol spray cans, pocket knives, brass knuckles, mace, and any other item that may be considered a weapon or explosive.

What to expect?

Your court date may be vastly different depending on what courtroom you are in and with what you have been charged.  The Criminal Defense Team of Hatch, Little, & Bunn can walk you through what to expect on your court date step by step.  Not knowing what to expect on your court date can create anxiety and fear.  An experienced criminal defense attorney can help assuage those fears by explaining to you ahead of time what to expect and how to be best prepared for your court date.

Be confident that you have a full team of defense attorneys assisting you on your court date.  Let the Criminal Defense Team of Hatch, Little & Bunn take away your anxiety and fear by explaining to you ahead of time exactly what to expect on your court date.

Where to go?

The Address: Most criminal matters are held in the Wake County Justice Center located at 300 S. Salisbury Street in Raleigh, NC. There are two entrances to the building. The primary entrance is the front of the building on S. Salisbury Street. An alternative, and often less crowded entrance, is located at the corner of S. McDowell Street and W. Martin Street. This alternative entrance is diagonal from Nash Square.


Parking: There is ample street parking around Nash Square. However, this is metered parking and may require you to move your vehicle after some period of time. The Wake County public parking deck is located at 412 S. McDowell Street and provides both hourly and daily rates. This lot is a block from the S. McDowell/W. Martin Street entrance of the Wake County Justice Center.



The Courtroom. You may check your courtroom or contact our office and we’ll let you know where to be.

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