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Accomplished Raleigh Legal Team Provides Comprehensive Criminal Defense

North Carolina attorneys skillfully advocate for clients facing charges

Being charged with a crime is a serious and stressful situation. When what’s at stake is your very freedom and future, you want experienced defense counsel with a proven track record. At The Criminal Defense Team of Hatch, Little & Bunn, LLP in Raleigh, attorneys Bill Young, James Little and Aaron Goforth draw on more than 40 years of combined legal experience in providing diligent defense to clients facing a full range of charges in North Carolina. We have the skill, knowledge and determination to mount the strongest possible case, whether you’re charged with a felony or a traffic violation. We are committed to protecting your rights and securing the best possible outcome.

Trustworthy lawyers handle felony, misdemeanor and traffic cases

Our firm represents North Carolina clients in all types of criminal litigation, including those involving alleged:

  • Felonies — We have the track record and determination to defend you against serious charges such as robbery, sexual assault and homicide. Our lawyers understand how difficult it is to fight these cases and how severe the penalties are upon conviction, which is why we provide comprehensive support from start to finish.
  • Misdemeanors — Accusations of assault, theft or other misdemeanors might lead to a criminal record and jail time if you fail to confront them effectively. We treat these allegations with the seriousness that they deserve.
  • Traffic offenses — Don’t lose your license or pay an excessive fine because a traffic officer made an unfair judgment call. Our legal team defends motorists against charges of reckless driving, moving violations and other traffic offenses.

As soon as you have been arrested, police and prosecutors start working to build a case against you. You are legally entitled to the same type of diligent advocacy. Our firm offers a free initial consultation so that you can start your defense immediately.

Dedicated counselors vigorously litigate DWI cases on behalf of drivers

An arrest for driving while impaired, or DWI, can be intimidating, leading many people to accept whatever deal a prosecutor offers, particularly if it’s the defendant’s first offense. However, our experienced lawyers know that mistakes made during DWI enforcement and testing are not uncommon, and those mistakes can often lead to unjust results. Before you take any action, our firm can evaluate the facts in your case and make you aware of all potential defenses.

Aggressive law firm challenges drug crime allegations

If you have been accused of a drug-related crime, obtaining skilled legal representation can be the difference between freedom and a long period of incarceration. When drugs are found, the decision whether to prosecute the case as a possession, sale or trafficking matter might hinge on minor distinctions and misinterpretations. Our attorneys understand every aspect of complicated state and federal drug laws and how they apply to each individual substance. We vehemently oppose the introduction of improper evidence and press for alternative sentences like drug abuse treatment when appropriate.

Contact our accomplished North Carolina defense lawyers for a free initial consultation

If you’ve been accused of a crime, it’s important to seek experienced legal help immediately. The Criminal Defense Team of Hatch, Little & Bunn, LLP defends clients throughout North Carolina against felony, misdemeanor and traffic charges. Please call 919-714-4306 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation at our Raleigh office.


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