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In-State License Suspension for Out-of-State Speeding Ticket

North Carolina can suspend your driving privileges if you are found guilty of various high speed traffic tickets in other states. If you receive a speeding ticket in another state, and simply “pay-off” the ticket, in most situations you are accepting responsibility for the speed. It is the same as pleading “guilty” or “responsible.” It […]

Inmates and the CoronaVirus: North Carolina and Wake County Custody Concerns

March 23, 2020 – Today, speaking from the North Carolina State Emergency Operations Center, Governor Roy Cooper expressed his concern for all of North Carolina’s confined populations. He further elaborated that these confined populations included individuals from prisons to nursing homes. He acknowledged that if the CoronaVirus was able to break into these compromised North […]

Uber and Lyft Impersonators Beware

As of December 1, 2019, it is a class 2 misdemeanor to impersonate a transportation network company driver. That means impersonating a Lyft or Uber Driver can land you up to 60 days in jail, depending on your criminal record. Impersonation may occur by act, statement, or by displaying particular signage. If the impersonation occurs […]

DWI Pretrial Limited Driving Privileges

If you are charged with DWI and  you provide a breath sample which registers an alcohol concentration of 0.08 or more, or you refuse to provide a breath sample, your license will be revoked under a “Civil Revocation” for typically 30 days. While your license is technically revoked under this civil revocation, you may be […]

Unauthorized Substance Tax Assessment Reviews

In North Carolina, if you possess more than certain quantities of controlled substances, you are obligated to pay excise taxes to the State. Rarely are these taxes timely paid because we are talking about illegal drugs. No one wants to report to the State government that they have illicit drugs, much less pay taxes to […]

Going to Canada with a DWI Conviction?

Are you planning a trip to Canada anytime soon? If so, and you have a prior conviction for DWI, there are additional steps you may need to take to prepare for your trip. As always, the following is a general synopsis that is not meant as legal advice. Everyone’s circumstances are fact specific and vary. […]

Unauthorized Substance Tax Assessment

In North Carolina, if you possess more than certain quantities of controlled substances, you are obligated to pay excise taxes to the State. If you do not pay the tax within 48 hours of coming into possession of the controlled substance, you may be subject to a tax assessment. The assessment commonly arises out of […]

Have you paid your weed taxes?

I have to pay taxes on my illicit drugs? Say what? In North Carolina, drug dealers must pay State taxes. As the General Assembly sees things, ‘dealers’ are obligated to pay the tax regardless of whether they are investigated or charged for a crime. The specific purpose of this tax is articulated in North Carolina […]

Criminal Defense Team works from Drug Dealer’s Home

I am a criminal defense attorney and I work in a drug dealer’s home. Well, at least for a few more weeks. June 16th will be the last day that the law firm of Hatch, Little and Bunn will reside at 327 Hillsborough Street. On that day, our office will move to the corporate building […]


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