Carry Concealed Weapon Update

North Carolina House Bill 476 (HB 476) seeks to amend North Carolina General Statute 14-269 which defines the right of the citizens of North Carolina to carry concealed weapons. The Bill’s sponsors aim to expand North Carolina’s current carry concealed weapon law by allowing almost anyone to carry a concealed handgun – anywhere “open carry” is permitted.

North Carolina is one of thirty-one states that allows citizens to openly carry handguns without a license or permit. There are a number of restrictions. Examples include: 1) a convicted felon may not possess a firearm and 2) no one can carry a weapon after consuming a controlled substance. Currently, in order for someone to carry a concealed weapon (the weapon is not visible to the casual observer), North Carolina requires that you obtain a permit from the local Sherriff. HB 476 would amend current law by eliminating that requirement. If HB 476 is enacted, anyone who is not otherwise excluded, and who is an over 18 year old United States citizen, will be able to carry a handgun, openly or concealed, without a concealed handgun permit.

The amendment does not expand the type of weapons allowed to be carried concealed. The statute will allow only handguns and pocket knives to be carried concealed. Will this amendment make us safer? Does the law honor one’s Second Amendment right to bear arms? Ponder this: your 18 year-old daughter that lives alone for the first time will be able to legally carry a concealed handgun or knife. She will be committing a crime if she carries her mace, brass knuckles or stun gun concealed. Does this make any sense?

Many questions are being raised by the proposed legislation. Some may question its rationale. No matter what your position may be, the legislature’s move should alert you to be keenly aware of current weapons laws. Feel free to call us before you purchase a firearm for yourself or a loved one – or as you are deciding if and how to carry any other weapon. We stand ready help you navigate the various regulations and restrictions associated with gun ownership in North Carolina and give you comfort that you are complying with current weapons laws.


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