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Restraining Orders

Raleigh North Carolina Criminal Defense Lawyers Discuss Restraining Orders and Stalking  A restraining order can be a difficult and heavy burden on your life and your ability to move freely as you wish.  It may affect where you can and can’t go, with whom you may speak or communicate, and in certain circumstances may even […]

When Permanent isn’t Permanent: Restoring Driving Privileges after Permanent Revocations

The North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles can revoke driving privileges, or a person’s license, “permanently.”  A permanent revocation occurs when an individual is convicted of three or more DWI’s, three or more convictions for moving violations during a period of revocation, or three or more convictions for driving on a suspended or revoked license. […]

DMV Hearings – Now They Cost More Than Time

In North Carolina, a citizen’s privilege to drive can be revoked in many ways that require a restoration hearing in front of a DMV hearing officer before the citizen can have their privilege restored. For example, if someone refuses to submit to a chemical test (breath, blood or urine) during a DWI investigation in Wake […]

Restoration of Gun Rights for Convicted Felons

In North Carolina, if you are a convicted felon, you cannot possess a firearm. To possess a firearm as a convicted felon is a felony offense in itself (NCGS 14-415.1). In 2010, the North Carolina General Assembly enacted legislation to create a process through which certain convicted felons could petition the courts to reinstate their […]

Sex Offender Registration Across State Lines

Under NCGS 14-208.7, any person who has a reportable conviction is required to register as a sex offender with the sheriff of the county where the person resides.  If a person moves to North Carolina from another state they must register within three business days of arriving. The statute puts the emphasis on the reportable […]

Santa is Coming Down the Chimney… Is that a felony?

The stockings are hung, the tree is lit and many are finishing their lists for Santa. Mere days from now, some will put out cookies and milk, and likely a note the jolly ole elf. Most will then jump into bed and patiently wait for the sound of sleigh bells to signal the arrival of […]


Sexting, cyber-sex, cyber-porn – all new sexual phenomenon born out of the age of instant connectivity through smartphones and the internet. Pornography, as we know it, has existed for decades and is heavily regulated by the government. What has gone untouched until now is the public disclosure of private sexual pictures and videos without the […]

Carry Concealed Weapon Update

North Carolina House Bill 476 (HB 476) seeks to amend North Carolina General Statute 14-269 which defines the right of the citizens of North Carolina to carry concealed weapons. The Bill’s sponsors aim to expand North Carolina’s current carry concealed weapon law by allowing almost anyone to carry a concealed handgun – anywhere “open carry” […]

They Take Rules Seriously These Days: Stay On The Boat

I recently returned from the Windy City where I took a brief break from the turbulent work of defending the accused, many of whom are alleged to have committed very minor offenses.  Chicago turned out to be just the break I needed.  It is one of the most architecturally beautiful cities in the country where […]


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