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Stand Your Ground – NC’S Castle Doctrine

In recent years, North Carolina has codified what has been referred to in other states as the ‘Castle Doctrine’ or the ‘Stand your Ground’ rule. This has created a presumption of self-defense in cases where the use of deadly force may otherwise be considered a crime. Instead, the defender who uses deadly force under the […]

Have you paid your weed taxes?

I have to pay taxes on my illicit drugs? Say what? In North Carolina, drug dealers must pay State taxes. As the General Assembly sees things, ‘dealers’ are obligated to pay the tax regardless of whether they are investigated or charged for a crime. The specific purpose of this tax is articulated in North Carolina […]

Criminal Defense Team works from Drug Dealer’s Home

I am a criminal defense attorney and I work in a drug dealer’s home. Well, at least for a few more weeks. June 16th will be the last day that the law firm of Hatch, Little and Bunn will reside at 327 Hillsborough Street. On that day, our office will move to the corporate building […]


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