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Bike Lanes and Green Bars: Raleigh’s “Right” Move

Raleigh is one of the fastest growing cities in the country.  An essential element of that dynamic rise is its pedestrian friendliness.  Bring on the bikes!  Recently all of downtown was very generously colored in bike lanes.   The green bars are designed to alert both cyclists and motorists to share that space.  The Raleigh […]


Sexting, cyber-sex, cyber-porn – all new sexual phenomenon born out of the age of instant connectivity through smartphones and the internet. Pornography, as we know it, has existed for decades and is heavily regulated by the government. What has gone untouched until now is the public disclosure of private sexual pictures and videos without the […]


In HBO’s The Wire, Detective Moreland sets up an elaborate scheme to coax a confession out of a young suspect.  The detective tells the young suspect that the office copy machine is in fact a polygraph machine and tapes his hand to it.  Having previously loaded the copy machine with three pages that have the […]

Unauthorized Substance Tax Assessment Reviews

In North Carolina, if you possess more than certain quantities of controlled substances, you are obligated to pay excise taxes to the State. Rarely are these taxes timely paid because we are talking about illegal drugs. No one wants to report to the State government that they have illicit drugs, much less pay taxes to […]

New Ways to Track Cyber Stalking

Are you being cyberstalked? New ways to track them. Check out Attorney Bill Young’s interview on WTVD News in Raleigh this summer regarding the rise of cyberstalking charges as they relate to social media. Many of us admit social media is used for much more than just sharing a status update or a news headline. […]

Carry Concealed Weapon Update

North Carolina House Bill 476 (HB 476) seeks to amend North Carolina General Statute 14-269 which defines the right of the citizens of North Carolina to carry concealed weapons. The Bill’s sponsors aim to expand North Carolina’s current carry concealed weapon law by allowing almost anyone to carry a concealed handgun – anywhere “open carry” […]

Going to Canada with a DWI Conviction?

Are you planning a trip to Canada anytime soon? If so, and you have a prior conviction for DWI, there are additional steps you may need to take to prepare for your trip. As always, the following is a general synopsis that is not meant as legal advice. Everyone’s circumstances are fact specific and vary. […]

Unauthorized Substance Tax Assessment

In North Carolina, if you possess more than certain quantities of controlled substances, you are obligated to pay excise taxes to the State. If you do not pay the tax within 48 hours of coming into possession of the controlled substance, you may be subject to a tax assessment. The assessment commonly arises out of […]


Imagine yourself on any given Saturday morning driving your soccer star back and forth to their morning match.  After the game, you and the other soccer moms (dads too) decide to take the kids for a bite to eat and, as you unwind together, you have a large glass of wine.  You don’t feel impaired […]

They Take Rules Seriously These Days: Stay On The Boat

I recently returned from the Windy City where I took a brief break from the turbulent work of defending the accused, many of whom are alleged to have committed very minor offenses.  Chicago turned out to be just the break I needed.  It is one of the most architecturally beautiful cities in the country where […]


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